How do I find parsing XML for RSS in

I have some wiki sites that I want to use YouTube Users feed with

ie: https://journalist.reporter


Open the desired YouTube channel page. If you don't know the page you can click on the username under the video you are watching it will take you to their channel page.


While on the channel page (click right) and then click (view page source) of that page or you can use the shortcut keys (Ctrl + U).


One you see source you can use the shortcut keys Ctrl + F a search bar should open near the top right of your browser. Search for the term: (Channel_ID)


Go down until you find the one that looks something like this

(<link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="RSS" href="">)


You will copy the code right after the (channel_id=) ie: UCRInP3T7wkmJ23fVpUSU0zw


Then you will create the link:


Placing the channel id after the = then you will have your link.


Your link will look something like this:


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