Real time is in the present.

I have made a few discoveries about time. I thought I would share them here.


Real time is in the present.


If you work, you live in the future. If you rob a bank you live in the future. You perceive a need, and you fill the need by a action and that action is in the future.


If you grow old you live in the past You live the way you perceived the world, as growing old and dyeing you live in the past.


If you live in the present, you live in real time.


You are neither old and dyeing or are you in need of anything.  Everything arises from perception. 


Each person makes their own choice that’s why we can't seem to help anyone. Just the fact that we think someone needs help is living in the future and changes our own perception.


We can help people and the world by living in the present.


Our concept of time is false! Time does not tick forward and there is no past. Time stands still. The future and past are a false perception.


If you can stay focused on real time (this moment) You will never die, and you were never born. You are that you are.


Rich Leonard AKA Renegade Rich








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